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Tynemouth Software can offer professional desktop and laptop repairs

  • Won't boot up?
  • Keeps crashing?
  • Lost important file?
  • Making strange noises?

Call us to take advantage of our excellent service:

  • Free quotations
  • No Fix, No Fee
  • Fast turnaround
  • Laptop / Desktop / Server
  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Typical price £25 + parts
  • Free delivery and collection in Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay and North Shields

All repaired machines receive the full laptop or desktop MOT

  • Memory Check
  • Disk Check
  • Virus Scan
  • Windows Update

And remember - backup regularly!

Custom PC

Custom PC's built to your specification

Whatever you need a PC to do, get one custom build to your requirements

  • Gaming
  • Media Centre
  • Office Work

Most PC's available today tend to be designed to keep the costs down and to try to suit all markets. Order your custom PC today and you can get exactly what you need and save money

  • Free consultation and quotation
  • Prices start from £200

All custom PC's include half price servicing and PC MOTs for as long as you have the PC

Refurbished Desktops

Looking for a cheap PC?

We have an assortment of refurbished desktop PC's. Each one has been stripped down, cleaned up and upgraded before being securely wiped and cleanly reinstalled

Refurbished Windows 10 Machines from £200:

  • 2GHz or greater dual core processor
  • 2GB or greater memory
  • 80GB or greater hard drive
  • Windows 10
  • Free software bundle

Ideal if you are replacing an old PC and are happy to keep the old keyboard, mouse and monitor


Having trouble installing a new PC or broadband? Installation service available from £25

  • WiFi installation and configuration
  • Broadband setup
  • Software installation
  • Printer setup


Training on all aspects of PC ownership is available on a one to one basis

  • Basic PC useage
  • Web browsing and online activities
  • Office Software

Training with care and patience for older users or those new to the internet

Data Recovery

Lost some important data? Deleted some files, or can no longer access files?

Data can often be recovered, even when deleted, as long as it hasn't been overwritten (so don't use the card / drive again until recovery has been attempted)

  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs
  • External hard drives
  • USB keys
  • Camera Cards

Prices start from £25

No charge if data cannot be recovered


Transfer important recordings onto modern media from £10 per disc

Local collection and delivery available around North Tyneside

Audio Transfers

Audio CD and MP3 transfers:

  • 1/4" Reel to Reel tape
  • Audio Cassette
  • Minidisc
  • LP Record

Video Transfers

DVD and MPEG transfers:

  • VHS Video Tapes
  • V2000 (Video 2000) Tapes
  • Laserdisc

Data Transfers

Data transfers to CD or USB Memory Stick

Recover data from old floppies or other media you no no longer have the hardware to access:

  • Floppy Disks:
    • PC 5.25" (360K / 1.2M)
    • PC 3.5" (720K / 1.44M)
    • BBC Micro 5.25" (SS/DS DFS/ADFS)
    • Commodore 64 5.25" (1541)
    • Commodore PET 5.25" (2040/3040/4040/8050/8250/2031)
    • Atari 5.25" (1050)
  • ZIP Disk:
    • ZIP 100
    • ZIP 250
  • Digital Camera Media Cards:
    • MS
    • SD
    • MMC
    • XD
    • MD
    • CF (Compact Flash)
    • SMC

Copyright is respected, so no prerecorded tapes or copyright material can be transferred

Other formats can be converted, depending on availability of suitable hardware